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Brody: Listen, I can explain this.
Finn: Shut your mouth.

Marley: You're a natural leader, Finn. A teacher. You don't need Mr. Shue's approval to be that.
Finn: Yeah, but I do need a little thing called a teaching degree.
Marley: So, go get one.

Marley: Can I speak freely?
Finn: Yeah, sure, I'm not your commanding officer or anything. Say whatever you want.
Marley: Dude, you really need to grow a pair.
Finn: Maybe we should go back to you not speaking so freely.

[to Blaine] Well, I hope you're ready for some form-fitting polyester, gay Clark Kent from season one of Smallville. Because it looks like you're going to be the bottom of my Cheerios pyramid after all.


Rachel: I'm pretty sure she just stole my comforter.
Kurt: Bitch took my pillow.

[to Santana] We just got off the phone with Brody. Did you confront him at NYADA with a Paula Abdul song?


It's time to perfect my Nicki Minaj where the hell did that come from cuckoo for cocoa puffs crazy pants threat.


[to Jake] I love you, and that means something to me. It's not just words.


[to Rachel] My psychic Mexican third eye is never wrong.

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