These Russians drink more than Larry Hagman on his first liver.


You know how Carter is. He convinced his fourth-grade class that Barneys was named after the dinosaur.


I thought our love could withstand anything. Apparently I was wrong.


[to Nate] I didn't want have to be the one to tell you this. But Serena left with Carter.


Blair: [to Serena] You and Nate are lucky. You're so good to each other: no games, no lies, no secrets. Just pure honesty.

[to Nate] You and Serena have it easy. Until now your biggest concern is whose hair is more shiny.


She hasn't been out of her room in days. It's like living with Howard Hughes.


Dorota: Where did you and Mr. Harold get married?
Eleanor: I don't think that's the reason it didn't work out.

[to Nate] Great, he sent Good Cop.

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