Finally! Take the trash back to the Valley!

Keith's girlfriend

You can't do this stuff in college. People will think you're pathological.

Nelly Yuki

Carol: All that money comes with strings attached, Lily; people treat you differently.
Young Lily: Yeah, better.

But being us is awesome!

Young Lily

We don't do prom queen; that's for suburban high schools and the lame teen comedies that are set at them.


I don't even know how to be a prostitute. I mean really, how much small talk is required? And where do you even go? And are BJs a must? Because if that's the case, I'm so not doing that.

Young Lily

[to Serena] Oh God, you're not going to come out of there with a mullet and girlfriend, are you?


I suggest you kids stay out of it; let these van der Woodsen women fight it out themselves!


I'll have a gin and tonic ... No tonic.

Young CeCe
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