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Meredith: How'd it go with the lawyers?
Derek: They told me my death rate. (looks at small pile) These are the people I saved. (looks at big pile) These are the people I killed.
Meredith: Okay. Well most of those people were terminal when they came to you. You were their last chance, and you take on impossible cases. Look at the clinical trial.
Derek: It's just so many people. More than Domer, Adson, and Bundy combined.

Mark: Have you heard of a... Doctor Nelson in Neuro?
Callie: Oh yeah. Haha, shadow Shepherd.
Mark: Shadow Shepherd?
Callie: Yeah, he's a solid surgeon, but sort of the JV player to Shepherd's Varsity. The B team to Shepherd's A. The brick layer to Shepherd's architect.
Mark: I get it! Just 'cause a guy doesn't publish fancy clinical trials, or takes on flashy surgeries, or has creepy perfect hair, he's less of a man?
Callie: Kinda.

Callie: You realize that as your doctor I'm not recommending this right?
Mark: I need to get through my surgeries today.
Callie: Oh you're gonna get through them. You're just gonna be in a world of hurt later.

Meredith: What's this patient X thing that's taking all the interns?
Cristina: Yeah, and when's it gonna be over? I need minions to do my crap work!
Alex: It's some new teaching thing.
Cristina: We're all killing ourselves to get into the OR. When's the last time Izzie held a scalpel? She's falling behind. She's like the new O'Malley.
Alex: Izzie's nothing like O'Malley.
George: Hello?

Izzie: Look at you, with your stethoscope around your neck. Charting. I can totally see you in 10 years. A little salt and pepper in your hair, a big shot attending. You're gonna be a rock star Alex.
Alex: What is this?
Izzie: What? I can't fantasize about my boyfriend and his bright, bright future?
Alex: Shut up.

Lexie: HI!
Mark: HAND!
Lexie: Hand! Oh god! I'm sorry! I forgot. I'm so sorry. I feel terrible, about everything. About the fight, and your hand, and Derek. You know he's not doing so well, I really think that you should talk to him.
Mark: I should talk to him?
Lexie: Mhmm.

Mark: What are you doing?
Callie: I went all... say anything on the peades surgeon, in front of the peds surgeons date. So now I am hiding from the peades surgeon.
Mark: Hm, mature.
Callie: Um, you got in a fist fight. No judging!

Callie: It's still swollen. I'd give it another day of rest.
Mark: I haven't operated in 3 days!
Callie: Don't hit people with your scalpel hand. Have you talked to him yet?
Mark: He threw the first punch.
Callie: You did catch him at a bad time.
Mark: So he lost a patient. Boo hoo! We're surgeons. We're men. We lose patients. It doesn't give him the right to go around behaving like a drunk frat boy. Now I'm supposed to go crawling back begging for his forgiveness?

Meredith: There you are. What happened to you?
Cristina: I tripped and fell. It's fine.
Owen: No, it's not!
Cristina: It's nothing. It was an accident. What's wrong with you?
Meredith: Ah, Derek won't get off the couch.
Cristina: SO the weaker sex!

I dreamt once that I was falling out a window, hanging onto the drapes. I woke up, pulling Meredith's hair out. HAH!


Meredith: Hey, so you're eating. That's good. Appetite is good. You know what else is good? Showering. Cleansing. Water. Are you thinking you'll shower? Maybe go into the hospital?
Derek: I have to for the deposition. I have to go and explain in detail how I killed a man's pregnant wife.
Meredith: That's good. I mean, not the killing part, but the... I... I think you'll feel better once you... go to... work.
(Derek walks over and shoves the cereal box into Alex's hands, and storms off)
Meredith: He'll be fine.

Alex: Dude, he is fried.
Meredith: He is not fried. He lost a patient, and got hit with a law suit all in one week. He just needs time.
Alex: He's been sitting there for 3 days. The sofa cushions are gonna start bonding to his ass, and he's eating all my cereal.
Izzie: He's taking stock. Something huge and life altering happened to him and he's taking stock. Figuring out his next move. We shouldn't judge him, we shouldn't rush him.
Alex: Whatever. Sylvia Plath's picking out all the marshmallows. Their the best part!
Lexie: And I'm pretty sure he's sitting on my keys. I'd ask him to move, but he looks so comfy.
Meredith: You guys are cowards!

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