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Meredith: What... what are you doin' out here?
Alex: What, you think you're the only one who paid a nurse to have her page you with an appy?
Meredith: That's not what I meant.
[hears Izzie moaning]
Meredith: THAT'S what I meant.

[walking by Izzie's room]
Meredith: Hot.
Sadie: Horny.

Meredith: What do you think about Lexie, your sister?
Sadie: What do I think about her?
Meredith: Yeah, what do you think about her as an ally for me. My new intern BFF!
Sadie: I, um, I don't, no, I don't ... see that. She was raised by parents and rules and smiley faces on the wall.

Sadie: Death is so wrong about you.
Lexie: What did she say?
Sadie: That you're a priss.

Bailey: You never know Karev, severe abdominal pain could become an appendectomy ...
Alex: Dr. Bailey I am here to help in any way that I can. If there's someone in pain, then I'm there.

Page the Chief, and go get Bailey. Tell him there's been an emergency. You're not to say anything else. And take that crazy look off your face!


Lexie: Shall we call a code?
Cristina: There is no code on an outpatient surgery in the middle of the night because normally, this would be done by a surgeon in a regular OR.

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