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[to Izzie] "What you did today... you should be proud. I’ll get orderly to take you downstairs, but I have to go. Understand?"


"Hannah. An 11 year old girl. That’s the private matter. She’s mine. Don’t. Don’t look at me. My mother wanted me to keep her, but I knew, even at 16 I knew, that baby deserved better than life at Chehalis Trailer Park."


DEREK: "You warned me she could become a problem."
MIRANDA: "Who, Meredith?"
DEREK: "You know when you love somebody, you think you can handle it all?"
MIRANDA: "You’ve done alright, both of you."

[to Derek] "Huh. Well if this turns into an “either or,” you pick the person you love. End of story. Look, all of this means nothing if you’re alone."


JANE DOE: "Those are supposed to be my people. I belong with them, Alex. I’m supposed to go, with them."
ALEX: "Your people, we don’t even know who they are yet."
JANE DOE: "You don’t want to find them! You want to keep me all to yourself. Well, here I am! Your pathetic, captive audience. Isn’t is sad that I’m the best you can do?!"
ALEX: "Ava..."
JANE DOE: "My name is not Ava! You made it up! It’s not me! Get out. Get out!!"

JANE DOE: "So, you and the redhead gonna let me go home? Or are you too busy making eyes at each other to even ask?" ALEX: [silent]
JANE DOE: "What?"
ALEX: "Ava..."
JANE DOE: "No. It’s Shannon."
ALEX: "Listen..."
JANE DOE: "My name is Shannon. Shannon Marie."
ALEX: "I’m sorry."

RICHARD: "Sloan. You brought me to a bar. You know I don’t drink."
MARK: "Which is perfect. Better to keep your mind sharp. Let the ladies do the drinking."

SUSAN: "It’s freezing out here and I’ve been working myself up to saying this, well for a while now. So I need you to let me in now, please. (she comes inside) It’s my fault your father didn’t fight harder for you. I knew about you. I could have pushed him to be a part of your life. I should have pushed him. You were a child. We were the adults. But we were just married and it was new and… that’s what I cared about. And I know the groceries and everything are a little much, but that’s just what I do. I mean, quit lookin’ at me like I’m crazy. ‘Cause that’s not fair. I’m just tryin’ to find a way to be there for you, the only way that I know how. And if you can’t accept that, then fine. Just stop being so rude. And I…ok, I’m overstepping again, aren’t I?"
MEREDITH: "As mothers go, I’ve only ever known overbearing, never overprotective. This is all new. It’s ok."
SUSAN: "It is?"

MEREDITH: "Seriously."
SUSAN: "Okay, that stops right now."
MEREDITH: "It’s just, I’m waiting for Derek, and I’m very tired."
SUSAN: "I don’t care. Let me in."
MEREDITH: "Excuse me!"

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