Boz: When were you going to tell me?
Cameron: Boz, I just found out myself? I didn't know Donna was gonna end run around me!
Boz: About your marriage.

Faith? Faith is a valuable thing. I'd just look for somewhere else to place it.


Joe: I never figured you for a sore winner.
Gordon: Me either, but it's nice to know we can still surprise ourselves.

Joe: If it wasn't going to be me, I'm glad it was you. Write me from the future.
Gordon: Forty nine percent.
Joe: What?
Gordon: Come run it with me. For 49% of the company shares.
Joe: That's a cruel joke, and quite frankly, beneath you.
Gordon: I'm serious. Forty nine percent.
Joe: With how this looks, we need to be smart. I should be a silent partner.
Gordon: Even better. [They both laugh]

Boz: So you think of me as a key player?
Diane [laughs]: Just give me the damn flowers and stop making problems where there aren't any.

Boz: Look. I know full well I should have come in last night.
Diane: I'm listening.
Boz: You know the midas touch? I've got the opposite of that.

Look, I really hate to play this card, but as head of the company, I say we need to put the breaks onto any IPO until we have our house in order.


Joe: Gordon, you obviously have some questions beyond the decor.
Gordon: Not really. You obviously wanted to get fired. I've seen that move before.
Joe: Not really. It's more complicated than that.
Gordon: Really? Shocker.

Cameron: How many times do you need to hear that I can't do this without you?
Donna: I'm sorry that I lied to you.
Cameron: I forgive you.

You need to give Gordon credit.


Network computing will be the next great public utility.


Joe: Shall we celebrate?
Cameron: Why?
Joe: That's a wedding ring on your finger, isn't it?
Cameron: I came here to talk about Gordon.
Joe: Did you?