Ryan: Oh, and I have to say it: something like this is way better for Mutiny than putting a bow tie on an avatar.

Ryan: This is going to sound weird, and it sounds ridiculous even saying this, but I know something's coming. Something big. Like a train, and all I want is to jump on board, but it's getting faster and faster and I'm terrified that I'm gonna miss it. That night, that night that you spoke at the Castro, I was like, finally, somebody sees the world the way I do. And I knew, right then, that this was my ticket aboard that train. I don't know what else to tell you, man. I just want to work with you. NEED to work with you. On anything. Please. Nobody listens to me. Nobody takes me seriously. I don't want to get left behind.
Joe: Your three minutes are up.

Unbelievable. So much for sisters doin' it for themselves.


Attorney: When you say you hand delivered the code, was that a gift or a transaction?
Gordon: Aren't gifts a type of transaction?
Attorney: You give a gift to a friend, you have a transaction with a business partner.
Gordon: OK, did you just make that up or is that a real thing?

Cameron: What's up, Squirt?
Haley: Family Circus still sucks.
Donna/Gordon: Language!

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Gordon: I don't want to work with you, Joe.
Joe: I think we now know what this lawsuit is really about.
Attorney: Returning to the date of July 30th 1985. Mr. Clark, from your perspective, did MacMillan come to your residence at 2824 DePew Drive as a business partner or a friend?
Gordon: I have no idea.

Yo-Yo: Isn't it true he stole your idea and made a million dollars?
Gordon: Damn right. That's why I'm suing the son of a bitch.

Joe: You trying to impress me, Ryan?
Ryan: Yeah, that was sort of the point.

I think life is giving us a sign here. Yes, we will have to beg, borrow, and steal the money for it, but it would be a fresh start, and I think that that's something we could both use.


Listen, I don't want to add to your misery, but the coffee maker is broken.


I've never met a real life psychopath before.


Donna: Why do you have a skull for a head?
Bodie: Because I can.