You are alive because you didn't pull the glass out of your neck. Will Graham is alive because Hannibal likes him.


Alana: You cannot see what you will not see.
Chilton: Until it shoves you out a window.

I know what's coming for you, Will. You don't have to die on me too.


This is your best possible world, Will. You're not getting a better one.


Jack: You told him we knew.
Will: I told him to leave because I wanted him to run.
Jack: Why?
Will: Because...because he was my friend. And because I wanted to run away with him.

Chiyo: Why are you looking for him, after he left you? With a smile?
Will: I've never known myself as well as I know myself when I'm with him.

Guest: You have a very good butcher.
Hannibal: I do indeed. The lamb must be newly slaughtered, the organs cooked the same day. I always oversee this process personally.

If I were like Hannibal, I would have killed you already, cooked you, ate you, and fed what was left of you to him. It's what he would do.


My husband's ego is not measured by conventional means.


Will: You're keeping him like an animal.
Chiyo: I wouldn't do this to an animal.

Guest: Professor Soglioto doesn't know what he's missing. So rude of him to ignore your invitation.
Bedelia: He sends his regrets.

Guest: It smells divine.
Hannibal: It is! I say that without ego. I don't require conventional reinforcement.

Hannibal Quotes

I would be cautious. The young Turk may inspire the old Lithuanian to keep himself interesting.


Chilton: You've made this dessert for me before.
Hannibal: One of my favourite desserts. Traditionally made with pig's blood, in this case, a local cow.
Chilton: And when you last made it for me?
Hannibal: The blood was from a cow, only in a derogatory sense.