Aww you're my little (and this is a working nickname) my sweet hunk of pete meat.


Pete you son of a bitch, you're as innocent as you are stunning.


Pen I live by mafia rules, you, your family, anybody in the room. Y'all gotta pay, that's how I roll.


No we're not even. And when it comes my revenge will be served like the tennis serve of a seventh grade girl. Slow, out of bounds, and I will pull balls out of my skirt.


You guys realize that we are just prawns in his game. Little shrimp swimming around and waiting to be eaten by a big shark named Max.


Max put stripper glitter in my two favorite things, my lotions and my creams.


Call me Melanie Griffith because I'm gonna be Workin Girllll.


I'm rich! I'm no longer the poor one! I'm not sharing this with any of you. You're all dead to me.

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