Max: You should watch the gay history channel.
Dave: That's a real thing?
Derek: Yeah it's called Bravo.

Brad get me a new pair of pants, I look like a Turkish Whore master!


Look at all this hair, I look like Gene Wilder.


This is nothing new, Jane has always been the president of everything. Student body, national honor society, our immediate family.


My top half is at a museum fundraiser and my bottom half is selling veggie burritos in the parking lot outside a Widespread Panic concert!


So Dave is really gonna fight the guy? Our Dave? The same Dave who wept during Jeremy Renner's Oscar speech?


I'm gonna take a nap, think about it, maybe buzz one out.


Um when was this photo taken and why are you making the Kobe Bryant intensity face?

Brad [to Jane]

Dave doesn't realize that by running his mouth, snitches get stitches.

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