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Lavon: Go ahead... Talk about Wade.
Zoe: Wade? Why the hell would I want to talk about Wade?
[Zoe walks away and then returns]
Zoe: Okay, maybe just one thing....

Some people say that women can't have it all... Those people obviously never met Lemon Breeland.


Brick: Don't beat yourself up.
Magnolia: I'm not. I mean making me do stuff. You should know better!

[Drunk] We changed the minds of us and had some drinks.


Frank: Ruby's tough on crime...
Lavon: What crime!?

But yo Simba how about a little heads up if their is going to be a hot new lioness in the den when Nola comes home.


Lemon: Oh Lavon, please tell me you're still not in love with me!
Lavon: What!? No!

Zoe: Hey can I take your syrup to my place for later?
Lavon: Yeah.
Zoe: Wanna know why?
Lavon: NO!

Zoe: Now I see why athletes carb load. Wanna know what I mean?
Lavon: No.
Zoe: Why I'm so tired?
Lavon: No.
Zoe: The sex because it's like a marathon except no one's handing me water every couple of miles. Although that would be useful.

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