To Mr. Bohannon. He may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch.

Mr. Toole

Choose hate. It's so much easier.

Reverend Cole

You come at me with a knife, son, you better be ready to use it.


God's got a funny way of teaching you things.

Cullen Bohannon

Is it a villain you want? I'll play the part.


Blood will be spilled. Lives will be lost. Fortunes will be made. Men will be ruined.


Extortion doesn't become a lady.

Thomas Durant

This is my only friend.

Sean McGinnes

Sean: Do you not believe in a higher power?
Cullen: Yes, sir. I wear it on my hip.

There is a price attached to everything.

Cullen Bohannon

Proved you're a man. Now get your ass on out of here before I show them otherwise.

Cullen Bohannon

This is a free country by god.
Cullen Bohannon. Yeah, that's about the funniest damn thing I heard.

The Butcher

Hell on Wheels Quotes

The world don't care about our plans.

Cullen Bohannon

Daniel: You released your slaves and still fought in the war. Why?
Cullen: Honor.