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"Get Behind the Mule"

On the Hell on Wheels season 3 finale, Elam attempts a rescue while Cullen deals with the consequences and Durant receives General Grant ahead of schedule.

"Father and Sins"

Cullen and Durant have to pay Elam a visit while General Grant's deadline looms near on Hell on Wheels.

"It Happened in Boston"

Mickey and Sean's past won't leave them alone and Cullen asks Durant for help when his workers defect to the Mormons on Hell on Wheels.


Durant must endure political fallout while Cullen searches for clean water to stem a cholera epidemic on Hell on Wheels.

"One Less Mule"

When Durant files an injunction against Union Pacific, Cullen is in danger of losing his position on Hell on Wheels.


Things become chaotic as the town prepares to move further down the track while Cullen helps Elam search for a dangerous criminal on Hell on Wheels.

"The Game"

Elam and Cullen must travel into Indian territory to find a new lumbar source and Durant share a secret about Cullen on Hell on Wheels.

"Range War"

Elam and Cullen head out onto the prairie in search of food after cattle are stolen on Hell on Wheels.

"Big Bad Wolf; Eminent Domain"

On the season 3 premiere of Hell on Wheels, Elam and Cullen head to New York to try and secure their future positions with the railroad and Durant tries to hold onto his legacy from prison.

"Blood Moon, Blood Moon Rising"

On the second season finale, Cullen prepares to go to battle in order to save Hell on Wheels.