People are fragile. Like teacups.

Mr. Bennet

I'm comfortable with morally gray.

Mr. Bennet

Ted: No, that was Plan A. Plan B is much better!
Matt: There is no Plan B!

[concerning The Haitan's power] When asked to describe his ability, he drew a picture of himself grabbing memories, like little grubworms, out of people's heads. I wanted to put it on the front of my fridge.


Mr. Bennet: [to Claire] Just do what I say so nobody gets hurt.
[to Matt]
Mr. Bennet: And you.
Matt Parkman: Yeah ?
Mr. Bennet: Do what I think.

[to Thompson] People are fragile. Like tea cups. All around them the world is changing but they simply don't want to deal with it. They don't want to know what is happening to us as a species.

Mr. Bennet

Shoot me! I can't die!

Claire Bennet

I'm not gonna nuke their dog.

Ted Sprague

This son of a bitch is thinking in Japanese!

Matt Parkman
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