It's not right. One storm comes rolling through here and blows away my whole life. My mother, my college education, my dreams


(to Nathan) Six months ago I was a cop in L.A. Married, expecting a child, then all of a sudden this stuff started happening. Turned everything upside down. I'm just looking for answers


Nathan: You didn't kill Keito Nakamura. I know that.
Angela: I have done so many bad things in my life it really doesn't matter what crime I confess to.
Nathan: Let me help you.
Angela: No, what you want is redemption and you're not gonna get it by helping me. You'll just get killed and I can't bear to lose another son.

Nathan: You reading my mind right now?
Parkman: No. (pauses) Yes. Sorr

Monica: (To Damon about wrestling) Half the people in this county are living in FEMA trailers and you wanna spend good money to watch grown men jump around in their underwear.
Nana: You can walk down Bourbon St. for that

Mohinder: So what are we
supposed to do? (about Molly's nightmares)
Matt: I don't know. You're the scientist.
Mohinder: That doesn't exactly make me an expert on nightmares.
Matt: That makes two of us.

Nathan: You asked me for help once. Now just let me help you.
Angela: Just because you shaved doesn't mean you're clean and sober

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