Thirteen: We all want the same things: love, forgiveness, chocolate.

House: Key under the mat.
Lucas: There is no key under the mat.
House: Oh. Right. I owe you a kitchen window.

House: You think she'd send me to a vacant lot for Thanksgiving dinner?
Wilson: If she's smart.

Cuddy: Which one of us slipped through a worm hole to an alternative dimension?
House: I've always loved to travel.

I'm gonna pretend there's something interesting over here, so you'll shut up.


This is why I don't answer your urgent patients. Because they aren't urgent patients.


Thirteen: Your life happy about that?
Taub: She's happy to cut back on some things... like sex.

I got all my starters back, plus a few high class free agents. I feel like Mike Tomlin.

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