I don't know what I'm doin' but I do know I was happiest with you so I'm asking ya, what do I do? Tell me what to do to get you back.

Ray (to Jess)

You went to see another dermatologist. Mindy touched me. We're even steven right?

Ronnie (to Jess)

I'm a father. I'm a coach. I'm a teacher. And I used to be a pretty good husband. And if I get another shot at it, I'm not gonna screw it up this time.


Ray: I need to take a break from this business.
Lenore: Why? Did your dick break?

It's like we're in Michigan and everyone else here is the same...except you.

Damon (to Tanya)

Jess: I have to go.
Ray: Do you wanna go?
Jess: No.

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