I like cooking meat!


I'm not in the army anymore. I'm too old to have sex on the floor.

Mrs. Koontz

There's nothing wrong with good, healthy sex. It makes for a fun vibe in the neighborhood.

Mrs. Koontz

Find out what his problem is and fix it for him.


I am tougher than I look... I mean, mentally.


Jessica: All I'm saying is that I'm pretty good at knowing how to use my feminine wiles.
Damon: Gross.

Claire: So you really have had sex with a pregnant woman before?
Ray: Yeah... a lot.

Grandma: And the girl masturbates too much. Very loud.
Grandma's Friend: I did notice the girl had big muscular fingers.

Donut? You think I need a donut? Read the fuckin' sign lady. This is the Donut Hole!

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