And that right there my friends, is the United States of America. The red. The white. And the green, baby. USA.

Random Poet

My name is Tanya. I am a poet, a temp, and a pimp.


Ray: I don't know about that woman, ya know. She's got red eyes. Like a rat.
Jessica: She does not have red eyes. She has red hair.
Ray: Alright, same difference.

Ray: It's okay if it was me you wanted to piss on.
Damon: I didn't want to piss on you dad. I just drank a lot of pop.

Ronnie: I'm sorry.
Jessica's mom: You really need oatmeal that bad?

No offense, but I don't think a bunch of beret-wearing strangers is what my kid needs right now.

Tanya: I think I can see what he was going for. The plate of home, a place called home. He was releasing his anger in a non-violent way.
Ray: He was releasing alright...I don't know about anger.

It's the ass crack of dawn, I'm not a marine.

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