Nate, someone's messing with your game.


Oh, I get it, these guys are hourly and you work on commission. If you hadn't been so greedy, you would have another guy here and this would have turned out differently for you. (knocks guy out) You need to learn to share.


Nate: Where did Hardison go?
Parker: He's looking for the government's top secret vault (whisper) where they keep the time machine.

Oh, kind of squishy, yep pee'ed my pants.


Parker: It might be easier if he's asleep.
Eliot: You want me to put him to sleep?
Hardison: HEY! I'm standing RIGHT HERE.

Why ya'll always pushing me off of stuff. Don't I get a vote? I vote NO!


Eliot: What does Latimer want at the patent office?
Hardison: What doesn't he want, cure for the common cold, warp drive, the water engine?

Let's go steal some gold


Hardison: How am I going to do this?
Nate: You're the puppet master, pull the strings.

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