Parker: Let's go steal a sweetheart.
Eliot: Ugh..
Parker: A widow? A spider?

Hardison: They were married less than a month later.
Sophie: See, love at first sight.
Eliot: yeah, she wanted to get hitched before the background check came through.

Hurley: Nate, I know I'm not your friend, but I want you to know, you are my friend.
Nate: Thanks.

I got myself into trouble the first time; you risked your life to save me. I want to prove I've earned that second chance you gave me.


Shelly: They're not coming back with that pizza are they?
Bonanno: You get use to it.

Hardison: That's your pep talk?
Eliot: It's a little rough.
Hardison: A little rough? As a friend you're dead to me.

Bonanno: You married Shelly?
Shelly: To the constitution of the United States.
Bonannon: mmmm hmmm

Eliot: Hardison, come with me.
Hardison: Do you see what I'm sitting on?
Eliot: Yeah, chasing an inside straight, I can't tell you how offensive that is to me!

Eliot: Yeah, he went to jail, then he escaped.
Shelly: [looks at Bonanno] Shouldn't that bug you?
Bonanno: You get used to it.

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