You never trust anyone do you? That's why you will always be alone.


Harris: What kind of car do you drive?
Lightman: Prius... It's deceptively fast.

Bloody Hell, you really are Captain America, aren't you?


Lightman: You saw that right?
Little Moon: What?
Lightman: Of course not, that's why you need me.

Lightman: Burns, where are you?
Burns: I don't know
Lightman: Make something up. Heh, look at me, teaching a federal agent how to lie.

Lightman: You know some people it's easier to tell when they stop lying more than when they start.
Russo: How can you tell when I stop lying?
Lightman: You shut your mouth.

Agent Williams: Dr. Lightman, the ship is leaving.
Lightman: Whoop-dee-do.

Whatcha call that, "Stupid on a plate?"

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