Lightman: Talk amongst yourself for a moment. Dave, she's my best friend, just handle with care.
Gillian: Don't let him scare you off.

Lightman: I thought I said...
Gillian: Talk amongst myself? I got bored.
Lightman: Really?

It's been donkey's years since she had a bit of fun.


Agent Dylan: Do you take me for a fool?

Lightman: I am not taking you for a tool.

Agent Dylan: FOOL!

Lightman: Whatever.

Agent Dylan: You're interest in Raul was strictly professional.

Lightman: 100%...uh... 90% ok, actually 80%.

Lightman: I go to the fights to look at faces.

Ria: Yea, and you read Playboy for the articles.

Agent Reynolds: We need your help with a murder case.
Lightman: Sure, who you want me to kill?

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