Dr.: I need a gun
One of the bank robbers: You need to shut up!

You see that right?! You see that? They always look at me like that. I mean... Do I look like a criminal to you? Don't answer that.

Dr. (standing in the bank, talking to some blonde woman)

Look at him, he sticks out like a tart in a nunnery.

Cal [looking at Henry while they're in the bank]

Wallowski: Where you going? I feel used.
Cal: You mean dirty.
Wallowski: Have a nice life.
Cal: You have a nice smile.
Wallowski: How would you know?
Cal: I'm looking at it.

Eli: Lightman's going to chew her up and spit her out.
Gillian: Or maybe he'll choke.

Smells like a barista's underpants in here.


Cal: You've frozen my assets.
Gillian: I froze our assets, Cal.
Cal: It's funny because I remember hiring you, but I don't remember marrying you.

Cal: Well even so, I'd call the cops if I were you.
Bank Manager: And tell them what? The "facial tick" guy says we're about to get robbed?

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