Lightman: What were we talking about?
Emily: Don't be a plonker.
Lightman: You get that mouth from me girl, don't you forget it. Hey Em, this book's in French!

Lightman: It was just a knock to head.
Emily: There is no such thing as "just a knock to head" at your age.
Lightman: Where did you get that mouth?

Eli: You actually read this book?
Lightman: No Loker, I just leave it lying around so plonkers like you think I am clever.
Eli: It could be Emily's.

Lightman: Hey Em, come turn off the light.
Emily: Close your eyes.

Emily: Are you trying to be annoying or does it come naturally?
Lightman: It comes naturally.

Lightman: I have a concussion Em, not a brain-ectamy. You were going to Willy's weren't you?
Emily: Liam's
Lightman: Ahh!

Lightman: You take it out of the fridge; you take the cap off, stick your beak in and give it a good sniff.
Emily: I am not smelling the milk unless you answer me about the trip.

She is an assistant DA with no time for small talk, or donuts.

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