Marcus: You sure about this?
Lightman: Not in the slightest, mate.

So what will it be, Jim? You swallow the lies and go quietly or die with your eyes open?


Let me guess, baseball bat, tire iron? Because, neither of you strike me as the bare-knuckled wankers I grew up with.


Wallowski: It's like two rattle snakes in a bag.
Eli: Time for the scorpion.

Ria: You can't wait to get out of the hood.
Eli: I stick out like a white thumb.

Lightman: Where are the peasants?
Gillian: You're an hour early.
Lightman: I need them, now.

Emily: you wrote you first book on this
Lightman: Yea, I was the only bloke in New Guinea with carpal tunnel.
Emily: I like the way it sounds, reminds me of finger painting on the floor of your old office.
Lightman: Have you been drinking?

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