He's been climbing the walls for five years, Theresa. Let him out. Let him out


You never quit. You don't know how.


You a Kennedy? You get in a little trouble; your brother takes the hit?


You know if you caught this thumb during a fight and things weren't ideal, what would you do? Would you throw in the towel? No. Never. Cause during a fight you'd find a way. I know you.


Girl [to Patrick]: You're "Lights" Leary.
Johnny: You win. He is. He's just shy. I'm his brother. I'm Johnny and I'm not shy.

Mike: I want to know about you. I mean, five years ago, you had everything and you just, you walked away. You quit.
Patrick: I didn't quit. I left for my family.
Mike: And now you're going back for your family. Good. Good. That's a bookend. That's a good start.

I'm not your manager anymore. I accept that. Whatever. But I'm still your brother.

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