Musashi: A fail-safe assassin has been tapped to kill me.
Tamsin: That sucks. Looks like you need a bodyguard.
Musashi: It's a good thing I already have two.

Bo: What's next, you going to teach me to shoot pool?
Dyson: I don't think we've ever used a pool table to shoot pool.

You are full of surprises, and most of them are downright horrible. But sometimes, every once in a while, they are just what everybody needs.


Lauren: Wait. Wait.
Dyson: Keep your eyes open.
Lauren: God, is this what your foreplay with Bo is like?

Dyson: You really going to quit the force?
Tamsin: Yes, I am going to quit my well-paying job with a pension to play PI with my roommate. Umm, Kickstarter, hey, do you have any money for spy cams?

Bo: We're sisters. We're in each others lives for good.
Kenzi: Hell, I couldn't even keep you out of my afterlife.

That's the thing with the fae, it's never over.


It's important to let the light in, Bo. Sometimes that's all it takes to keep the evil at bay.


At least you weren't getting freaky with a decorative pillow.


Crikey! Your hands are colder than a Yeti's snow gnads.


My tongue is perfectly pressed. I've gotten maje compliments about it.


Eat a sack of tits.