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My mom says any choice I make is okay because I love myself.

Because you eat raw meat and you shit in the tub and you wreck everything. And as long as you act like that, no one's gonna like you, no one's gonna want to be around you.


You want me to give you raw meat in a bowl? Your mother gives you that?

Louie [to Never]

Also I need you to know that I don't say 'no' to him." (quickly walks away and hails a cab) "And he can't eat anything with carbon in it. It's all from China!

Never's Mom

I know we're not friends, but I know you're the only person at this school who I can confide in and trust.

Never's Mom

I'm having my vagina removed... I want to get rid of my vagina before Easter.

Never's Mom

Hey Robby, you gotta come down and check out the tits on this new Chilean broad down at Sweet Charity.

Robin [impersonating Barne]

When he (Barney) died, I felt nothing. I didn't care. But I knew - when I pictured him going in the ground - and nobody's there, he's alone, it gave me nightmares.


So... he was important to you? (pause) I'm pretty sure he was the biggest piece of shit I ever knew.

Louie [after Robin reveals Barney is his ex-wife's brother]
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