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In a nutshell it all comes down to what I want versus what is expected of me.


Peggy: I'm worried that every time I hurt your feelings that you're gonna start drinking again.
Freddy: Then why don't you stop hurting my feelings?

Pete: Who would wanna miss Christmas in New York?
Trudy: Chestnuts roasting on a greasy man's open street cart, my goodness.

If young girls started using it, maybe they'd find a husband and they wouldn't be so angry.


Mark: How long is this going to go on?
Peggy: Oh I'm sorry you feel you've put in the time.

If Lee Garner Jr. wants three wise men flown in from Jerusalem, he gets it.


Freddy: I don't want Pete Campbell anywhere near this. I was surprised you took him along.
Roger: No comment.

With my hair you can't even see me in here.

Roger [on his office's white walls]

Most of all I'd like you to be here on Christmas morning to give it to me, but I know you can't be.

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