Mad Men

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Mad men
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I don't love you.


I want to scream at you for ruining all this. Then, you tried to fix it and there's no point.


Roger: No one else is saying the right thing about this.
Joan: You're really upset.
Roger: What's that about?
Joan: Because there's nothing funny about this.

Don: Everything's gonna be fine.
Betty: How do you know that?
Don: You'll see.

If you can make it through a day like today, marriage is a cake walk.


Can someone please get my wife out of the kitchen? I have something very nice to say about her.


Don: Why are the kids watching this?
Betty: What am I supposed to do, Don? Am I supposed to keep it from them?

We have a new President and we're all gonna be sad for a little bit.


I don't care what your politics are, this is America. You don't just shoot the President.


Trudy: Have you been drinking?
Pete: The whole country is drinking!

I found out yesterday that Head of Accounts is going to Kenny and his haircut.


Everything you do is for her. I'm your wife!

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Mad Men Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Everything you do is for her. I'm your wife!


Mr. Cosgrove has the rare gift of making clients feel they have no needs.