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Roger: That don't seem to give awards for what I do.
Joan: And what is that?
Roger: Find guys like him.

I know you're ashamed of your body. Or you should be at least.

Stan [to Peggy]

I know you're his favorite. I bet he takes you hunting and let's you carry the carcasses in your mouth.

Stan [to Peggy]

Roger: Who do you report to?
General: The President.
Roger: Of What? William Morris?

Roger is a child and we can't have you pulling the cart all by yourself.


Peggy: I was clapping and he thought I was clapping for him.
Stan: Who claps for themselves?

I told him to be himself. That was pretty mean I guess.


Don: Do you got anything on Vicl's?
Peggy: Actually it's Vick. Vick Chemical.
Don: Answer the question.

Danny: You know what they say: aspiration's as good as perspiration.
Don: That's not how it goes.

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