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Betty: Are you thinking of what to say? Or are you just looking at that door?
Don: I'm not going anywhere.

Don: I can explain.
Betty: I know you can. You're a gifted storyteller.

Don: People change their names, Bets. You did.
Betty: I did. I took your name.

Anabelle: You were the one.
Roger: You weren't.

You don't know what it's like to want something your whole life, plan on it and not get it.

Greg [to Joan]

It's a lie so big. I feel like I've been in some dream since I found out.


You wanna be on some people's minds. Some people, you don't.


Miss Farrell: Even if I remove myself from the picture, I see a man that is not happy.
Don: I'm happy now.

Anabelle: You're married, aren't you?
Roger: I am.
Anabelle: Still or again?
Roger: You know it's again. And don't get cute.

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