Murder in the First

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Murder in the first
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It wasn't a butter knife if that's what you mean


How do you let the victim blow you the night of the murder?


Some mistakes last a lifetime. Don't let this be one of them.


You got a lot of friends.


Mr. Blunt has done nothing wrong.

Warren Daniels

You stepped on a roach, it's that simple.


Will you be my doberman?


I'm just the water girl.


You see a guy like me, you don't see a human. You see a career opportunity. A way to get that promotion, maybe a book deal, getting on cable TV. You want to be famous? Give people a circus? Put your top hat on, charge me with murder I'll give you a show. I'll eviscerate your case piece by piece. I will put this whole building on trial from the DA to the Doorman. I will embarrass you and I will win because I'm smarter than you and I have more capital at my disposal. More resources than this entire city and I just happen to be innocent. Get a life.

Erich Blunt

I'm going to take you to court and I'm going to kill you.

Erich [to Jeremy]

I can't. I can't just go home and watch her die.


Suits, they don't get it.

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