Necessary Roughness

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Necessary roughness
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Congratulations on our first FBI raid. Let's give ourselves a big round of applause.


TK: I thought you said you were 18.
Sheera: Yeah, very funny.

I'll set up dinner with your nosy assistant who's looking at us right now.


I feel like things are finally falling into place.


Scotty will keep trying to burn the house down until he is heard.


So what's the but...the but with one t, not two.


You give a Fed an inch they'll take a mile.


Nolan: Does this window open?
Dani: No, why?
Nolan: Because I want to kill myself.

Did I just get Jetered in my own home?


Sheera: I hope you're not a sprinter.
TK: I am a marathon man.

Nico: I guess you won't be buying his book anytime soon.
Dani: Not unless I run out of firewood.

Are you pimping or assisting?

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Necessary Roughness Quotes

When you are making a living as a hooker, then you can dig this out of storage.


No matter who you are, no matter how much protective gear you wear, at some point you're gonna get the living crap kicked out of you.