Percy: Pull them from the compound and send them to the summit.
Michael: As soon as they finish surviving, sir.

Michael, you have a son.

I will not let you hurt them again.

Alex [to Ryan]

Alex: Not bad ... for a Boy Scout.
Sean: I got a merit badge in lying.

Sam. Owen is a tool.


It's not a company. It's a curse.


Michael: Who's his brother?
Nikita: No idea. I'm sure he deserved it.

But, the plan was still out there sitting on the black box just waiting to be used. So now ... the tool that was designed to motivate a recruit Nikita becomes a weapon to destroy a rogue Nikita. Never let anything go to waste.


You know you told me once that ... I saved your life. You remember? The truth is , my friend, you saved mine more times than I can even tell you. We can't do this without you.

Nikita [to Ryan]

Nikita: No boys needing rescuing. Maybe one.
Alex: There's always one.

Sometimes I'm a very bad boy.

Birkhoff [to computer]

Ari: What's wrong?
Amanda: I let her live.

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Oh, crap!

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You know what I want. Actually, I wouldn't mind having my clothes back. Not into the onesie.


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