George: Let's just say we're way passed wifi.
Jim: Now this is a lair.

You're the coolest accident I've ever known.


He's trading his life for yours; if that's not brotherly love, I don't know what is.

Loan shark

Jim: Mikey, you OK?
Mike: Other than the gun to my head? Yeah.

Wait a minute; superheroes do not negotiate with criminals. You go in there and flex and do your Jim-Jim thing.


Goerge: The only thing Mathews is known for is missing bodies and bullets.
Jim: Do you have anything helpful to say at all?
George: No.

When people show up to your house with ticket to see the strong-man, do not say I didn't tell you.


You guys must make some serious cash with this 'heroes for hire' stuff.


Humans are the only species that insist on monogamy. Go to the zoo, check out the monkeys, it's like boogey nights in there.

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