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I like to hide my humanity. Or at least keep it to a minimum.


Jump on the social networking trend. You won't regret it.


Jackie: Are you wearing perfume?
Zoey: No. Why? Is it bad? Does it make me smell like an old lady?

Thor: These gloves are so tight, I feel like OJ.
Zoey: That's the third time you said that today.
Thor: Like your material is so fresh.

By the way, your husband's testicles have migrated. I'll let you know if we find them.


Jackie: Page urology.
Fitch: That's my call. I get to say that: page urology.

If you wanna avoid people from your past, I recommend moving to another country. Worked for me.


Fitch: No worries, man, I sent out a Tweet saying you were totally alive!
Eddie: Please, don't do that.

Fitch: I'm on the list of the top 25 doctors in all of Mahattan.
Eddie: I don't know what to say about that.
Fitch: I know, right?!?

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