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O'Hara: I think of you like a sister.
Jackie: Think again.

Fun? This is not fun. This is f--king hard.

Melissa [about Jackie]: I don't remember her.
Coop: She's only a nurse.

Zoey: I haven't been able to go all day.
Jackie: Zoey, you can't talk to me when you're peeing.

Jackie: Get out. We don't [take drugs] here.
Temp: It takes one to know one.

We're four nurses short. Well, you are. I'm fine.

Mrs. Akalitus (to Jackie)

Mo-mo: So, what happened?
Jackie: I didn't realize it was our anniversary and that makes me a terrible person.
Mo-mo: Anniversary?
Jackie: Yeah, it's been a year.
Mo-mo: A year? Wow, I had no clue.
Jackie: Neither did I.

Jackie: I had a fight with my boyfriend.
Mo-mo: That is just wrong. How do I not know you have a boyfriend?
Jackie: Honey, you do all the talking!
Mo-mo: I do, don't I?

Zoey: Can I at least take the knife out?
Jackie: No, Zoey. Never remove a foreign object protruding from a patient. The surgeon does that, you understand?
Zoey: (whispers) But it's so tempting.

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