Emma: You've got a lot of friends.
Mary Margaret: It didn't feel like that yesterday.

I need help and you need to do your job because I'm screwed.

Mary Margaret

Every day without hope is a day closer to becoming a Lost Boy.


I've never been a home wrecker before.

Mary Margaret

Why would I be jealous, though I do know you're partial to men in leather jackets.


I have no interest in cleaning tongue marks off my mirror.


I said you could call. I didn't say I'd answer.


I'd rather lose my job than my friend.


I just want her to be happy even if she thinks that's impossible.


You already owe him one favor. You don't want to owe him any more.


With this power I can finally cast a spell over all of Storybrooke. I can probably even defeat you and decorate this place with your bones. Should I try?

The Snow Queen

Love is hope. It fuels our dreams.


Once Upon a Time Quotes

True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Prince Charming

You know what the issue is with this world, everyone wants a magical solutions for their problems and everyone refuses to believe in magic.