Lucas (voiceover): Blaise Pascal once said: "The heart has reasons that reason cannot know."

You know if I ever met the devil, I figured she be hot and holding a basketball.

Lucas (to Rachel)

OK. You know the moment that I left the tour?...We were playing this club in Illinois... and Chris decides to do a cover of an eighties song called, um, 'Missing You'... and everybody starts singing along, the crowds loving it and they turn the house lights up pause and I could see every face out there... and I... fell apart. On stage, in front of three thousand people; I lost it. I couldn't sing, I couldn't hear the music. Nothing. Because... that was the moment that I knew... that none of it could ever be enough without you. All of the celebrity and all of the applause and all the pretty melodies... couldn't fill your void in my heart. So... yeah, I guess you're right; it's not the life I would've had... 'cuz ever since I met you, it has been so much more.


It was a fantasy draft Dim, you know like the fantasies you have about Nathan, not real.

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