Haley: I told you; I got dressed, I threw up at my parent's house, brushed, flossed and went to the beach.
Peyton: Ok, hard image to forget. Uh, but, I meant more like, uh, I don't know; how your heart got there. Marriage is big. I don't know how you trust somebody for your whole life. I can't even date somebody with that escape hatch.
Haley: I don't know if it was so much about trusting Nathan, which I do, it was more about trusting myself.

Nathan: I can't believe that I'm wearing a skirt!
Tim: Yeah, I know, in public.

Good evening Mr. or Mrs. Tree Hill resident. We are selling these delicious cookies to raise money for Lady Leprechauns, an organization that empowers us girls to be strong, beautiful women of tomorrow.


It's called dare night... One night... multiple dares.

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