Man, Tree Hill's got some drama.


Anna: Why are you picking on Haley? She's throwing us a slumber party.
Brooke: Actually, she was throwing us a slumber party. You just butted in!
Peyton: Brooke, leave her alone!
Brooke: Why?
Haley: [to Peyton] What are you gonna do? Snort her? Listen, I didn't throw this slumber party for you. You threw it for yourself and you know it!
Brooke: Well, at least I didn't lie to my husband, about hanging out with Chris.
Peyton: Whoah!
Haley: Brooke...well, Peyton did cocaine with that Rick-guy.
Peyton: Haley!
Brooke: What!
Peyton: You had sex in her bed.
Anna: Okay...
Brooke: What is wrong with you! Crack-whore!
Peyton: Slut!
Brooke: Liar.

Peyton: Okay. Wait, what white lie?
Haley: Nothing.
Brooke: Haley lied to Nathan!
Haley: Not exactly.
Brooke: Yes you did.
Peyton: About what?
Haley: Nothing.
Peyton: Haley.
Haley: [To Peyton] You know what? If we're talking about bad behavior, you might wanna sit this on out.
Peyton: What is that supposed to mean?
Haley: It's supposed to mean that Peyton's the one you should be looking at, not me.
Brooke: Why? She's not the one acting like a perfect little Stepford wife.

Brooke What is the big deal?
Haley: The big deal is that, first of all, you did not thank me for helping you with the CDs, second of all, you had sex in my bed, and third, you ate all the brownies.
Anna: Actually, I had a couple.
Haley: That's not the point.
Brooke: Haley's right. The point is that I've been deceptive. Just not so much that I lied to anyone's face. It's more about what I didn't say.
Haley: Uh! Okay, there is a big difference between a lie, and a little white lie.
Brooke: Really.
Haley: Yeah.

Haley: Wait a second, don't have a bed, do you? Did you... tell me, you didn't have sex in my bed, Brooke.
Brooke: I'm already washing your sheets.
Haley: Oh my god, oh, Brooke! Uhh!

[to Anna] Hi, I'm Brooke. We haven't been officially introduced, but you're dating my ex-boyfriend and I'm sleeping with your brother. So it looks like we have a lot in common.


[to Brooke] Ok, let's see what you got. [goes through CDs] Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Lucky for you, crap sells.


It's another mechanic stripper! ... No. Just Lucas.

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