Lucas: Coach...
Whitey: I know you want some answers, but what is the right answer? Because there is no answer, it's just life.

Lucas: You know before you came in I was thinking about Edwards, and how we could take Keith's life.
Skills: Look he wasn't right dawg, Jimmy was sick.
Lucas: So if that's true, is heaven the kind of place that'll hold that against someone? 'Cause if not Jimmy's a victim and right now, in your world beyond this one, Jimmy and Keith are in the same place, and I can't figure out what kind of place that would be.
Skills: It's a place you and I wouldn't understand.
Lucas: Or a place that doesn't exist.

Lucas: Do you think there's a heaven Skills?
Skills: Do I think there's a heaven?
Lucas: Ya, you know pearly gates, angels..
Skills: I dunno about all that, maybe some chrome gates and some freaky angels. Naw, but I do think there's somethin' else out there, and I do think whatever we do in this world matters in the next.

Nobody has all the answers, but we all have our why's. Like, why did this happen? Why didn't we see it coming? And why do people watch American Idol?


It is not possible to be this in love ...


Haley: You're quite charming. You know that.
Nathan: You haven't even seen my A game.
Haley: Oh, Lord help me if that's true... It's Scott by the way... You called me Haley James. Haley James-Scott. And it always will be.

You know how long it took me to realize that? In the amount of time it takes to pull a trigger. I love you, Haley James, and that's all I need know. It doesn't mean its not gonna be hard. It doesn't mean its not going to be confusing. but whatever it is we'll face it together.


Nathan: You know, my mom's coming home, she called
Haley: Well at least now you won't have to live alone in this big, giant house.
Nathan: No, but she will. I want us to live together. I want to be your husband again Haley.
Haley: That sounds so good to me. But I have a roommate named Brooke.
Nathan: That doesn't matter.
Haley: And our dream schools are 3,000 miles away.
Nathan: Doesn't matter.
Haley: And neither of us have jobs.
Nathan: Doesn't matter.

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