Felix: Donnie, you're a civilian, would you please say something understandable?
Donnie: The frickin beef is the bomb.

Why do weird things keep happening to me?!


You always think that I can't handle the tough stuff, but you know what? This time, Sarah, follow my lead.


Cosima: You know your clones, we call each other sister.
Kendall: Call yourselves what you want, you're just a bad copy of me.
Cosima: We're kind of over the whole bad copy thing. It's way more accurate for us to call you older sister.

You should not threaten babies.


Mum, what do we do?


Sarah: You don't have to come.
Felix: Yeah, I do because I need to know you're safe.

Once, she asked about Sarah. Apparently I said her name in my sleep, but I don't sleep talk! Sleep talking is creepy as shit.


Delphine, if you're not going to be with me, if you're not going to switch sides, let me go!


Did you just girl slap me?


Bloody hell. Are we going home?


What kind of monster threatens a man's cat?


Orphan Black Quotes

Alison: Felix, are you high?
Felix: I didn't know there was going to be a huge emergency, did I?

C'mon. Get your shit together you silly tit!