It's a "me" day.


And that hair doesn't camp!


And Hank's heart grew two sizes that day.


There's a roommate issue that needs to be resolved that doesn't concern you. I think you should leave. I apologize.


I say this out of love, but you've gone rogue.


I know I'm not your mom, and I'd never try to replace her. But I love you Krissy, and I'd do anything for you. Anything.


Why is she calling? I don't want to answer. Oh my God. What if grandpa died! Don't laugh.


Zeek: Well, let me ask you something. What the hell are you doing?
Joel: What the hell am I doing? Well, I'm trying to figure things out, you know? Figuring things out.

Julia: I'm sorry that it's Chris, but you know I slept with people, you slept with people, let's just, who cares, let's go.
Joel: Wait. What? What do you mean? People?

He was two years old when The Breakfast Club came out.


Camille: You really missed me, huh?
Zeek: You're tellin' me.
Camille: I missed you, too.

Does he look like you, because you were the cutest kid ever!?!


Parenthood Quotes

It's a "me" day.


She's a very lucky girl.


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