It's a "me" day.


I wanna be all in.


Jabbar: I thought babies were supposed to be fun.
Crosby: Yeah, they're not.

Crosby: What if I told you you can't dance anymore. You could get hurt dancing.
Jasmine: That's not the same. Let's just talk about it later.

Love man. It sucks.


Kirstina: I need my personal space, Haddie. I'm totally fine.
Haddie: I'm here to help you, mom, and I need you to give me something to do.
Kristina: Give your dad a hug.

Yeah, it's official. You're a slumlord now.


Jabar is going to get into a great school - I promise.


Zeek: Well, let me ask you something. What the hell are you doing?
Joel: What the hell am I doing? Well, I'm trying to figure things out, you know? Figuring things out.

Julia: Okay. I'm going to give you my best legal advice.
Crosby: Your best.
Julia: Yes. Be nice.

Hank, this is not about a movie. Don't you get that?


I need you to give my heart an erection, okay? Let's do this!


Parenthood Quotes

It's a "me" day.


Also this is not art, this is slave labor. You could be arrested for this.


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