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Mom, I'm on my feet I'm not destitute. I've just got a little financial trouble and two degenerate kids, but I'll be fine.


Crosby: Sounds like this sperm is going to be an excellent father. So, maybe he can couch soccer for you or whatever.
Katie: You're an idiot.

Let's just play ping pong, so I can lose myself in sport.


If someone gets in your grill you got to shove them back, you got to get tough Max. Kick some ass baby.


Men feel the need to express their love through hitting balls, slapping buts, and discussing meaningless statistics.


Do not let her scare you; her bark is worse than her bite!


Kristina: Max is, he's smart, and he's beautiful and there's so much potential and hope.
Adam: So what now?
Kristina: We start to work.

Sorry for not being the girl you thought I was (to her parents).


Max: Isn't the game today?
Adam: Well buddy I thought you were done with baseball.
Max: It's my team.
Adam: Games in 10 minutes everybody.

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