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Brother, we are officially in business.


Crosby: Yeah, well I'm so sorry sweetie. I'm sorry I failed you again.
Jasmine: Well, at least you're consistent!

I know you probably already know this, but you're a really good mom. I lost mine a long time ago, but I've really enjoyed getting to know you.


I need you to give my heart an erection, okay? Let's do this!


Crosby: No more radio show for you?
Jabbar: Nope.
Crosby: All right. I could have played that for two hours.

Wait, mom, I can't go to the store without finding out why you're speaking Chinese.


Should I wear a little hat, a little chauffeur's jacket?


You look really pretty. I was listening, but I also wanted to tell you that. And you smell really good.

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