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You came.

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Let me get this stright. Crosby was there but Run DMC was not.


Does the not father want to cut the cord?

Nurse Natalie

I'm gonna handle it. She can't handle it. She never could! My God. A disease?!


I'm wearing a bulldog necklace Crosby! Will you just go to house and get me some clothes!?


Adam: And I'm just trying to figure out an outfit that's not gonna be, you know, too much, but is gonna help.
Kristina: That ain't it.
Adam: Wow. This is just awful.
Kristina: It's hideous. I'm out.
Adam: Did you get me this?
Kristina: Just hideous. I never got that for you, I think your mom did.

I know it's a little Dim Sum, but it's clean.


Crosby: On the topic of your hipness, do you think on Friday you can go untucked, maybe drop a button or so. Just hip it up a little.
Adam: Hip it up.
Crosby: Well, you don't want to go in there looking like a tax auditor.

You don't think I look like Captain Morgan, do you? The rum pirate guy? He has curly things, and a longer...come here.

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