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(to Jasmine) He's totally getting into that school. They might even name the gymnasium after us.


(to Sarah) You have no idea how great you are do you?


Gordon: We kicked the ass of the entire footwear industry.
Sarah: Yeah we did!
Gordon: Hold on a moment. I'd like to propose a toast to Sarah Braverman. The best booth job ever.
Sarah: Gosh. Thanks a lot.
Gordon: You give good booth.

Adam: So what do you do, talk...share?
Zeek: The only thing I am doing is dancing with gay Tony. You gotta see this guy move Adam. He's like a finely tuned European sports car. Very sensitive and responds to the lightest touch. Honestly, it's amazing.

(to his dance partner, Tony) I want you to know that I'm okay with the gays.


(to Sarah) Okay you caught me mom, I'm gonna go buy some drugs and ya know whatever else you don't want me to do cause God forbid I do something right in my life.


Hey Millie, I would love to dance with you.


Julia: I would say change your hat. Just sayin'.
Crosby: Oh my goodness. You don't like my duck hunting look!

Amber: Dude we're not gonna smoke weed during our tutoring session.
Amber's friend: What? It's organic.

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