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I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I trust you and I believe in you. Can we please do this together?


Mom! Mom, you won the debate. You're a statistical anomaly.


Education's my platform, not my son. OK? He's off limits, let's move on.


I'm not going to go drive this. What if somebody sees me?


Julia: That's rude, though. Someone is ringing your doorbell, you answer the door.
Joel: You never answer the door.

Kristina: What if they don't fall in love with me?
Heather: Honestly? Then we call it.

You think that the two cars we're going to own are a VW Bug and a minivan? And what will I drive to work? You know I work with musicians at a recording studio and I'm going to show up in either a little tiny vagina or a humongous vagina?


Crosby: You say minivan, I hear vagina. That's what I hear.
Jasmine: OK. Well, we're goin' vagina shoppin' tomorrow. So, sorry about that.

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